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Bronze Elastic Nylon French Navy Marine Nationale Watch Strap 20mm 22mm Beige

Bronze Elastic Nylon French Navy Marine Nationale Watch Strap 20mm 22mm Beige

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Made by Wrist Envy French Navy Marine Nationale Elastic Nylon Military Watch Straps with Bronze PVD coated hardware! Available in 20mm and 22mm.

The Bronze colouring can be difficult to get right but the hardware on these straps are in our opinion, as close as you can get to natural Bronze and we have even added a patina effect to try and make them as realistic as possible.

Crafted from premium elastic nylon, this custom-made watch strap is inspired by the legendary French Marine Nationale Parachute straps. Featuring stainless steel holders for size adjustment and the Wrist Envy logo inscribed on the buckle hook, this strap combines durability with style. These straps are very similar to the standard Marine Nationale that we sell but use an upgraded nylon that feels softer and more flexible to give added comfort.

Originally handmade by combat swimmers, these straps were crafted from parachute elastic to adapt standard issue watches. The innovative loop design ensures a perfect fit for any wrist. Simply slide your hand through, adjust using the metal hook, and fasten for a secure fit.

Soft, comfortable, and highly durable, this elastic nylon strap is perfect for any occasion. Whether you're in the office or out on an adventure, this strap will keep up with you and your watch. Plus, it comes with spring bar pins included for easy installation.

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