Collection: Bund Watch Straps

Bund watch straps are two standard

Bund watch straps are two standard leather watch straps with a separate piece of leather or cuff to sit on the wrist. The two watch strap parts fit through a flap created or added to the leather pad and connect to the watch case as normal by spring bar pins. Once connected the watch case holds the straps in place and the straps connect as standard with a buckle and pin connection.

Bund watch straps  became popular in World War Two, when they were issued to pilots of the German Army, or Bundeswehr. Given the nickname of the "Bund" strap, these straps had great practical use with the protective pad shielding the pilot’s wrist from the metal of the watch case, making the straps more confortable and supported. 

Explore our collection of Bund watch straps, available in a variety of sizes and colors, to find the perfect combination for your watch.


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