About Us

At Wrist Envy Watch Straps, we pride ourselves on being a leading UK watch strap supplier based in Coventry, West Midlands. Our watch straps are custom made by skilled craftsmen and many of our products we have designed and are unique to us. Using high quality materials we aim to offer the best watch straps that we would be proud to wear, and as we are a family ran business our low overheads mean that we are able to offer premium products at a significantly reduced price compared to other watch strap companies selling equivalent products.

Established in 2021 with a passion for enhancing timepieces with watch straps of the highest quality, including Apple watch straps. Our inception arose from a personal disappointment in the limited selection and quality of affordably priced watch straps available in the market. We founded Wrist Envy with a vision to provide an extensive range of superior-quality watch straps.

Commencing our journey on Ebay, we initially curated watch straps from wholesalers. Over time, we evolved, transitioning to crafting custom-made watch straps catering to both traditional timepieces and Apple watches. Our diverse inventory spans across various styles, encompassing leather watch straps, resilient rubber bands, military-grade nylon straps, durable canvas fabric options, and refined metal bracelets.

Having garnered thousands of satisfied customers and receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews, our expertise in understanding the preferences of watch enthusiasts has flourished. This extensive experience propelled us to showcase our handpicked selection and bespoke watch straps through our dedicated website.

At Wrist Envy, we're committed to offering an unparalleled range of watch straps, informed by our customers' desires, ensuring that every accessory choice becomes a statement piece for their timepieces. Explore our collection and discover the perfect complement to your watch, whether it's for Apple watches or traditional wristwatches.