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Hybrid Saffiano Leather FKM Rubber Watch Strap 20mm 22mm

Hybrid Saffiano Leather FKM Rubber Watch Strap 20mm 22mm

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High quality two piece watch strap made from premium Saffiano leather style surface and FKM flourine rubber back with stainless steel buckle. The connecting ends are flat as per pictures. Quick release pins to easily fit and remove. These straps are being sold by online retailers for over £50. Slim and flexible but really solid and well made.

The rough lengths are not including buckles are around 200mm - 210mm. Thickness is around an average of 3mm. The straps taper to the buckle end by 2mm.

FKM Rubber straps are the holy grail of rubber straps as opposed to a basic silicone strap. FKM is the same material that Apple use for their rubber watch straps, so quality is assured. They are also less likely to trigger allergic reactions when compared to natural rubber.


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